Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery ServicesThe majority of businesses have problems developing, implementing, and testing a truly effective disaster recovery plan which consistently meets their RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives).  Disaster recovery services provide businesses a cost-effective alternative to prevent man-made and natural disasters from causing expensive disruptions.

The True Cost of Downtime

Multiple studies have confirmed downtime is incredibly costly, regardless of how large or small a business is.  Businesses lose an average of $138,000 for every hour their data center is offline.  According to a recent survey by the Aberdeen Group, the average annual losses caused by downtime range from $6,900 (100 or less employees) to $1.1 million (1000+ employees).

Consistently Meet Recovery Point Objectives

Disaster recovery services provide a cost-effective solution to consistently meet every business’s RPO.  One of the primary factors which determine how effectively a business recovers from a disaster is limiting data loss.  To prevent significant data loss, disaster recovery services are continually striving to eliminate the risk of losing data as the result of a disaster.  This is accomplished using a combination of effective strategy implementation and cutting-edge technologies.

Improve Recovery Time Objectives

The second factor which will determine how much a disaster will cost a business is the amount of time it takes to get back online.  Disaster recovery services understand this, and are always finding new ways to cut RTOs.  This is accomplished by independently evaluating each variable which affects recovery time.  These variables include the time it takes to detect a disruption, quickly making backup servers active, initializing any failed applications, and handling network reconfiguration.  To meet every RTO as cost effectively as possible, they work with businesses one-on-one to determine the best solution for each situation.

Get Business Back to Normal

The sole purpose of disaster recovery services is to get businesses back to normal operation as quickly as possible.  This is accomplished by focusing on mission-critical data and infrastructure first.  To be truly effective, they are continually testing new practices to minimize the performance impact of each application being protected.

Disaster Recovery Services Provide Accurate Data and Output

Quality disaster recovery services also provide accurate data and output on a consistent basis.  This ensures businesses aren’t only meeting their RPO and RTO goals, but that they are met every time.

The Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Way to Create Geographic Separation

An overlooked benefit of disaster recovery services is they provide the most cost-effective way to create geographic separation.  A disaster recovery service can’t assist the businesses they are protecting if they are hit by the same disaster.  This makes adequate geographic separation a vital characteristic to consider when choosing a disaster recovery service provider.

Disaster recovery services offer businesses a truly effective alternative to in-house disaster recovery planning.  They provide access to the top professionals within the field and utilize new technologies to minimize the cost of downtime and get businesses back to normal operation as quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively as possible.

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