4 Ways To A Greener Data Center

Whether a data center has gone “green” or is currently in the process of doing so, there is little doubt as to the reasons why. Data center operators have seen a major increase in costs for electricity over the past few years. These costs are not likely to go down any time soon either. Data centers frequently audit their energy consumption standards, and in doing so, they often find that additional measures to improve energy efficiency must be implemented. There are five common methods that have proven successful for lowering energy consumption. Using these methods can help reduce costs and enhance service offerings to customers. Many customers are looking to partner with eco-friendly centers, so it’s also helps attain new customers.

Consolidating Servers

One of the easier steps that data centers can take toward becoming a more green data center is simply by consolidating servers. This can save data center managers on costs substantially. In fact, recent studies have shown that many data centers have 10 percent to 30 percent of their servers sitting in a “dead” state. This means they are consuming energy, throw power connections, cooling, and so on, but are not actually in use. Consolidation will allow more of one server to be in use, reducing that dead time that uses unnecessary energy.

Power Management

Most data centers already have power management tools at their disposal. The issue is that many managers do not know how to use them, or they do not want to use them. In addition, some may have some initial implementation costs that managers don’t want to incur. Data centers that are converting to greener practices need to implement these power management policies. By doing so, some data centers can cut their consumption by over 40 percent.

Energy-Efficient Servers

A lot of today’s server hardware is outdated and consumes a lot more power than necessary. There are, however, energy-efficient servers that are coming on the market faster than ever. This is because server manufacturer also recognize the need for their products to reduce energy use. These servers use less energy to run, do not generate as much heat and deliver twice the performance. In fact, many of these energy-efficient models operate at twice the speed of regular servers. Some do this while only using 40 percent of the power of traditional servers.

Advocates for Green

Another strong area where data centers can become greener is through their people. They can develop and champion campaigns for greener practices. This company-wide mentality can have an instant and long-lasting impact on the way you operate. People start to think more efficiently and therefore are more efficient.

By following these simple practices, data centers not only see increase value from the reduction in energy cost and waste, but can also see an increase in efficiency across their facility and their employees.

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